Using English vocabulary Lesson eighteen Places


Using English vocabulary
Lesson eighteen

A - General place words
Come here please. (to me, to where I am)
Do you know Lima? I'm going there in April. (not here, another place)
I'm coming back from Portugal in May. (to here again, to this place)
There are books and papers everywhere in my room. (in all parts I all places)

B – Positions
top, middle, bottom, front of, back of, beginning of, end of

C - Left and right
In York Street, there is a cinema on the left and a restaurant on the right.
D - Home and away
Is Mary at home? (in her house I flat)
No, sorry, she's out. (at the shops I at work I at school)
No, sorry, she's away. (in another town I city or country)
No, sorry, she's abroad. (in another country

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