Using English vocabulary Lesson fifteen Conjunctions and connecting words


Using English vocabulary
Lesson fifteen

Conjunctions and connecting words

A - Basic conjunctions

Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence and help to show the connection between the
two parts of the sentence.
Conjunctions      function                   example
And                              tells you more      we went home and went straight to bed
But                      makes a contrast             they're rich but they aren't happy.
Because      answer the question why?  We went home because we were tired.
So  -  tells you the result  - we went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.
When – answers the question when? – we went home when Jane wanted to.
Before, after – answers the question what happened first – we went home before the concert ended. We went home after Max Jane sang his first song.
Although, though – tells you something surprising – we went home although/though we didn't really want to.
If – make a condition -  we will go home if we are tired.

B - Other connecting words

The words in this table are useful for making connections between words and phrases
Word   function             example
Only -  says something is very not big or not very  much -  he sleeps only 3 hours every night.

Even – says something is surprising or unusual -  even his 10 years old son works in a shop.

Like – makes a comparison  -  she looks like her dad.

Than – used after a comparative adjective or adverb – she works harder than he does.

Also, too, as well -  says something is extra -   He works in the shop and she does also/too/as well.

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