Using Get/got/got


Using English vocabulary
Lesson ten
Using Get/got/got

A – Get with adjectives : for changes

It's light, it's getting dark, it's dark
It's getting dark (it's about to be dark)
I'm getting tired. I want to go bed
It's raining! I'm getting wet!

B - Get with nouns

If you don't have something you can get it.
I want to send a postcard. I have to get a stamp.
I've finished my studies. Now I want to get a job.
My friend is ill! Please get a doctor.
Do you want! a drink? I can get some coffee.
I'm going to the shop to get a newspaper.
Where can I get a taxi?

C - Get to (arrive at I reach a place)

How can I get to the airport? Take the airport bus at the bus station.
When you get to New York, ring me. OK, give me your number.

D - Other phrases with get

Maria and David are getting married in April. ,.
When you get back from Hong Kong, ring me= (return, come back) ,
When I get home, I have my lunch.
I get there at 6 o'clock, so please ring me at 6.30

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