Three effective ways to learn and practice English vocabulary


Using English vocabulary

Lesson Two

(Learning Vocabulary)

Three effective ways to learn and practice English vocabulary

Tip: Keep a vocabulary notebook. Write the words you learn from this book in it. Use a
good dictionary. Ask your teacher to recommend one.
Here are some ways of writing down words you want to learn.

A- Write down words that go together (collocations)

You do the exercises in this book. Sometimes, you may make mistakes in your English.
In your vocabulary book, write down: do an exercise and make a mistake.
When words are used together like this, we call it a collocation.
You go by train, but on foot (= walking) preposition + noun
Some people are good at languages [NOT good in] adjective + preposition
I saw a very tall man [NOT high- man] adjective + noun
Tip: Always write down collocations when you learn a new word.

B- Learn words in families

word family as travel , and some words in that family : ticket, passport, suitcase
word family as temperature, the words in that family are for example :  hot, warm, cool, cold
 Tip: Make a page for every different word family in your vocabulary notebook.

C- Pictures and diagrams

Draw pictures. For example: Human body and then know the detail of that picture : hand, hair, foot, arm, leg, head, knee, etc 

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