Important Language Words to talk about Language


Using English vocabulary

Lesson one

(Talking about language)

Important Language Words to talk about Language

To talk about language we use important language words.

Noun: a person or thing (book, girl, pen)
Verb: something we do (do, read, write)
Adjective: describes a person or thing (good, bad, happy, long)
Adverb; describes a verb (slowly, badly)
Preposition: a little word used before a noun or pronoun  (in, on, by, at)
Singular: just one (book, house)
Plural: more than one (books, houses)
Phrase: a group of words (not a complete sentence) in a house, at home, an old man
Sentence: a complete idea in writing, beginning with capital letter and ending with a(full stop) the man went into the room and closed the door
Paragraph: a short part of a text (one or more sentences) beginning on a new line
This book has60 units. Each unit has 2 pages.
Dialogue: a conversation between two people
Ann: How's Jo?
Bill: OK, thanks.
Question: a set of words that begin with a capital letter and end with a question mark : Do you like English?
Answer: reply to a question
No, I don't.

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