Different Using of Take


Using English vocabulary
Lesson Seven
Different Using of Take
Using Take/took/taken

A - Take with time (it + take + person + time)

It takes Alan 20 minutes to get to work.
It takes Miriam 45 minutes to get to work.
I go to school/university every day. It takes me 30 minutes.
I do homework every day. It took me two hours yesterday.
How long does it take to get to the station? 15 minutes in a taxi.

B - Take with courses/exams, etc.

Are you taking an English course? Yes.
Do you have to take an exam? Yes, at the end of the course.
I want to take some Japanese lessons

C - Take with bus, car, etc.

How do you get to work? I take the bus.
In Paris you can take the metro to the Eiffel Tower.
How does Nik get to work?
He takes the train

D - Take something with you

Are you going out? Take an umbrella. It's raining.
Are you going to the beach? Take some water with you.
Sorry, you can't take your camera into the museum
Useful expression: Can I take a photograph here?
Tip: Make a page in your notebook for take and put in new words that go with it when you see them (e.g. a picture, a look at, a chance).

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