Different Using of Go


Using English vocabulary
Lesson Four
Different Using of Go
Using Go/went/gone

A - Go
Go means to move from one place to another.
I go to work by bike. My brother goes by car.
We went to Paris last summer.
Shall we go to the swimming pool today?
You can go to a place on foot or in some kind of transport.
To make it clear that we are going on foot we can say:
We're walking to work this morning.
Is this train going to Granada?
Where does this road go?

B - Go + prepositions

Kim went in(to) his room and shut the door.
Rani was tired. He went up the stairs slowly
Yuko went out of the house and into the garden.
The phone was ringing. She went down the stairs quickly
Go away.
I'm going back home this evening

C - Go + -ing for activities

Go is often used with -ing for different activities.
I hate going shopping.
I usually go swimming in the morning.
Let's go dancing.
Do you like going sightseeing when you are on holiday?
Hans goes skiing every winter
Bob is going fishing today.

D - Future plans

Be going to is often used for plans for the future:
On Saturday Jan is going to visit his aunt. On Sunday we're going to stay at home. On Monday I'm going to meet Sam at the restaurant.

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