Different Using of Come


Using English vocabulary
Lesson eight
Different Using of Come

A - Come in/out

We say 'Come in!' when someone knocks at the door of a room.
Then the person who knocked comes into the room.

B - Come back and come home

Come back means 'return to this place here'.
She went away for three days. She came back yesterday. (She is here again.)
Come back is often used with from.
They came back from Italy yesterday.
Come home is similar; 'home' is 'here' for the person speaking.
MOTHER: What time did you come home last night?
ANNE: Oh, about eleven o'clock.
MOTHER: What! Eleven! That's much too late

C - Other important uses of come

A :What country do you come from?
B: I'm from Norway. (or 1come from Norway. or I'm Norwegian.)
We're going to a disco tonight. Do you want to come along? (= come with us)
Come and see me some time. (= visit me)
Tip: Write down any prepositions you find with come every time you see them

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